Indoor block, central corridor

We offer excellent accommodation and individual care, in a warm friendly atmosphere.

We will be both proud and delighted to show you our facilities.

The brick built bungalow was designed, we are told, by an Environmental Health Officer. It has 13 rooms, accessed from a central corridor by means of self-closing doors.

Extractor fans at each end of the building ensure that a clean air supply is maintained.


Indoor unit Each room has an under shelf tubular heater and a further door to a covered outside sun shelf area. This outer door can be closed, left ajar or fully opened during the day and at night, depending on the temperature and weather conditions.

As we are open all year the bungalow has two thermostatically controlled corridor heaters in order to maintain an optimum temperature throughout the building on those colder winter nights.

For the elderly or less mobile cats a ramp can be provided to enable them to climb up to the sun shelf.


Food preparation and storage area The indoor cattery also houses our food preparation and storage area.

All pens (Indoor & Garden) are cleaned daily whilst occupied, and between guests they are thoroughly disinfected using TriGene virucidal disinfectant.




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