What food will my cats get?

We aim to provide the diet that your cat enjoys at home. We stock a wide range of quality pouches, tinned and dry food and will try to accommodate any special diets. If your cat is on a prescription diet supplied by the vet, then we would ask you to provide this food.

Should I bring any bedding or toys?

Bedding is available at the cattery (donations of clean bedding are always gratefully received), but a small clean (but not freshly laundered) bed, blanket or something similar that your cat uses will help them settle in more quickly as it will have their familiar scent on it. You are welcome to bring along any of puss's favourite toys, although our experience is that many cats tend not to play with toys whilst they are in the cattery.

Do you administer medication?

Yes, we are both well practised in giving tablets and medicines. When necessary we will keep a "Poo & Pee Chart" on which, as the name suggests, we record output from your cat, plus details of medicine administered and any relevant comments, so that we can discuss this with you on your return. We can also obtain urine samples if necessary. No extra charge is made for administering medicines, but we do have to recover the cost of any products used during treatment, e.g. Katkor for collecting urine samples. Steve has also attended a course in Animal First Aid at Wood Green Animal Shelter.

Are you open all year?

Yes, we are open for boarding throughout the year. We do, however, allow ourselves three days when we are closed for deliveries and collections; these are Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. There are also special occasions when we may need to adjust our opening hours, for example Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and during the Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival. We will, of course discuss any changes with customers when they are making bookings.

Do you have insurance?

During the stay with us your cat is insured through Pet Plan for any medical problems that may arise. The maximum amount we can claim per cat is set each year by the insurers; anything over this amount (which should be unlikely) and any claim rejected by the insurers will have to be paid by yourself. Existing complaints are not covered under this insurance. We will ask you, on your first visit, to give us authorisation to contact the vet in case of any emergency.

Which vet do you use?

When you bring your cat to us we will ask for the name of your vet, and in the event of an emergency we will contact this vet. They will obviously have all your records and are the best people to advise us. If a visit to the vet is necessary then, again, we will take puss to your own vet. A small mileage charge will be made for any visit to the vet.

Must my cat be vaccinated?

Yes. For the health and safety of your cat and all the other guests we insist that residents are vaccinated for the minimum of flu and enteritis. We will ask to see up-to-date certificates each time you bring your cat to board with us, so please remember to bring them with you. For obvious reasons we have to reserve the right to refuse to board any cat which is suffering from, or appears to be suffering from a contagious disease.

Do I need to give my cat flea treatment?

Yes. ALL cats staying at the cattery should have been given flea treatment. Please note that, following discussions with local veterinary surgeons, we no longer recognize non-prescription products purchased from either the supermarkets, chemists or Internet as effective flea treatment. Please seek advice from your veterinary surgery for a suitable, prescription product.

Can I choose which sort of pen my cat stays in?

You know your cat best and you know whether he/she is predominately an indoor or an outdoor cat. If you are a new customer we will encourage you to inspect our facilities so that you can decide where you would prefer your cat to be housed. We will always try our best to accommodate your requests. Space constraints mean, however, that all bookings have to be on a "first come, first served" basis, so we cannot guarantee that a specific pen will be available. During the colder months, for example, indoor units are booked first; when these are full we will have to use the heated and insulated garden pens.

Do you do a collection and delivery service?

Yes, we can collect your cat and return her/him to you at the end of the stay. We do have to make a small mileage charge to cover our transport costs.


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